I-Shift with crawler gears – the ultimate power for tough assignments

Starting from standstill while hauling a massive 325 tonnes? It’s been made possible with Volvo Trucks’ unique I–Shift with crawler gear technology.
Extra heavy haulage
Volvo Trucks’ I-Shift with crawler gears is ideal for extremely heavy haulage, since it enables trucks to start from standstill with loads up to 325 tonnes, and drive at speeds as low as 0.5 km/h.

The I–Shift with crawler gears is a gearbox designed to provide power and extreme startability, which are crucial to heavy duty assignments.

The gear is so powerful that the truck can start from standstill on a level road with loads of up to 325 tonnes. The gear ratio helps truck operators to drive at speeds as low as 0.5 km an hour – allowing the truck to really move at a crawl. This is a huge help when performing precision manoeuvres, especially when reversing.

The large gear ratio in the I-Shift with crawler gears is achieved by a new gear reduction set that has been added to a standard I-Shift. To make room for the extra gear reduction set, the gearbox is 12 cm longer than a standard I-Shift. Many of the new components, such as gearwheels, engaging sleeves and split synchronisers are made of high-strength materials, which makes the gearbox extremely durable.

The fact that the Volvo Truck’s I–Shift with crawler gears provides so much power and allows for very slow movement makes it ideal for assignments such as timber haulage, operating dump trucks and heavy vehicle combinations. Optimal fuel consumption is achieved both with and without loads.

The gearbox also allows trucks to achieve extreme startability with heavy loads. The unique combination of crawler gears and the optimised rear-axle ratio saves fuel and adds productivity in long-distance transport applications. Another benefit is that the clutch energy of the I-Shift with crawler gears is around 25 per cent compared with a normal I-Shift, greatly reducing wear on the driveline.

The large gear ratio in the I-Shift with crawler gears is made possible by a new gear train that has been added to a standard I-Shift. The I-Shift with crawler gears delivers unique power, startability and manoeuvrability. It also reduces wear on the driveline. So how does it work?

The extra gear train is located directly behind the gearbox coupling and consists of two extra gearwheels – one on the input shaft and one on the intermediate shaft. The extra gear train enables the gearbox to provide a ratio that is almost twice as large as a standard I-Shift.

Gear ratio is the difference in speed between the input and output shafts in a gearbox. With the highest gear engaged, the gear ratio is 1:1, which means that the shafts spin at the same speed. At the lowest gear in the I-Shift with crawler gears, the output shaft spins 32 times more slowly than the engine speed.